Energy Resiliency for Your Business and Critical Infrastructure

Saft Go Electric microgrid helps Northern California college on journey to carbon neutral future

Santa Rosa Junior College, a 100-year-old institution in Sonoma County, CA, turned to Saft to help reach 100% of demand from renewable energies by 2030

Saft has supplied a Go Electric microgrid solution to provide power resilience and energy savings worth $500k annually. With final commissioning completed at the end of 2021, the microgrid is providing a model for other college campuses, schools and large commercial operations to go carbon neutral and achieve energy resilience.

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Commercial and Industrial

Eliminate Your Downside to Outages While Making Your Business More Energy Efficient

Do grid outages cause damage to your business? Would you like a solution that delivers energy security and economic benefits?

Go Electric provides solutions for businesses that have critical power needs, such as datacenters and hospitals, large downside risks to outages, such as grocery stores and advanced manufacturing, and provide community resilience during emergencies, such as gas stations and pharmacies.

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Military and Government

Go Electric Proudly Delivers Energy Security to Bases and Sensitive Facilities

For the men and women operating our military bases and most critical public facilities, operational readiness is Job 1.

Go Electric's solutions not only ensure uninterruptible power but also tie any distributed energy resource (DER) into a secure microgrid. Rest assured that your energy assets will operate economically and safely under any scenario.

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Electric Utility

Go Electric Helps Utilities Reliably Operate an Evolving Electric Grid and Safely Deliver Power to its Customers

The grid's infrastructure, of which we depend upon everyday, is aging. At the same time, the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as solar, is changing the way energy is delivered.

Go Electric works with utilities to take control of these DERs and use them to their advantage. Whether through demand response or regulation services, Go Electric's solutions are able to seamlessly dispatch real and reactive power to suit any condition.

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