About Go Electric

Energy Security and Resiliency through Advanced Energy Storage

Go Electric Inc. develops customer side of the meter energy solutions that help facilities, communities and military bases be energy resilient and sustainable.

Our energy solutions assure energy security, reduce energy costs, and enhance grid stability by integrating renewable energy, advanced batteries and generators into a plug and play energy resiliency system.

Go Electric helps build sustainable communities by hiring local and by seeking customer sites whose products, goods and services help ensure the resiliency and sustainability of the community.

Our Locations

Headquarters - Anderson, IN

1920 Purdue Parkway, Suite 400
Anderson, Indiana 46016

(765) 400-1347


Hawaii Office - Honolulu

1000 Bishop St, Suite 505
Honolulu, HI 96813



New York Office - Brooklyn

370 Jay St, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201